How to verify your Packers and Movers?

Indian blog4Packing and Moving industry is still not recognized by the government as a separate segment. It is still in amalgamation with the Transport Industry of India. Though, with the extent of rising living standards in India, People are now demanding professional packers and movers for moving their goods. Now if there is demand, there must be supply. The reality check is that in India there were no packers and movers in early 20th century. Few cropped up when MNC’s started entering India while carrying their western culture. Their concern led to the emergence of Professional Packers and Movers Company in India.

Now we have many reputed Packers and Movers like Interim, STCrelo, Writers, Professional, whose primary business is packing and moving. To catch the emerging market, few big transport companies also started debuting in Packing and moving industry like Agarwal Packers and Movers Group.

So far the story seems well and good. You might be thinking that till now the story is not explaining the meaning of the above title. Now the real story begins. When the government is not taking the burden of recognising this industry, malign started to happen. With poor regulation and no standardisation, packing and moving industry in India emerges as one of the most fraud making industry.

The culture of MNC’s set the pace of hiring a professional Packers and Movers for relocation. Earlier it was done with the help of transporters who usually own truck fleets.

Now the major chunk of customers who take services of Packers and Movers are Defence Personnel like Army, Navy and Air Force. Apart from that MNC’s take care of their employees when they shift or expand their branch with highly professional Packers and Movers. Also there are few local shifting which are either catered by Packers and Movers or transporters.

Reality check of Packing and Moving Industry.

When this industry was emerging with the expansion of MNC’s and rising living standard of Indian families, Packers and Movers started becoming the call to action. Apart from MNC’s and their employees, Defence Personnel started showing concern for their movement. They have also started showing concern for hiring a professional Packers and Movers for their movement.

The reality check of this industry is that when suddenly the concern of customers started shifting, the market won’t transform itself all of a sudden according to customers’ need. It will try to adjust itself and will also try to accommodate the rising demand within the old and established frameworks. And the icing on the cake is that government paid no attention in regularising and standardizing this industry. So the conclusion is that many new Packers and Movers emerge and they were neither professional nor new.

What it qualifies to be a Packers and Movers in India?

There are no standard process laid out to be a Packers and Movers. Except few in the market, there are many who run this business as a part time. Also there are many frauds sitting in the market for the purchase of billing and looting the customers.

When you will come to know the reality of Packing and Moving Industry, you will be bewildered. There comes a season of Packing and Moving which is between March to June. In this period many people who have little contacts with the transporters or have no contact jumps into the market. They print flyers and do little marketing. They also resort to marketing on various online aggregators who provide services like Best 5 packers and movers in Delhi, verified car movers. Let me tell you none of the company is verified by the online aggregators. They just claim that they have done verification and ground check of the company but these are all bullshits. If you don’t believe then go and read the declaration or company’s policy of each and every online aggregators working in this company.

Now the real challenge arrives here. How to get a verified Packers and movers for your movement? You might be thinking that proper documentation is enough for verification of a Packers and Movers. No still you are lagging behind. It is only because you don’t the ugly truth of company registration market of India. You will get every document with fake address and identity proof in this sector for a meagre amount of Rs.10000-15000/-. And I guess that any Packers and Movers can make this amount of cut in a single deal.

How do this sector operate?

This sector operates in an entirely haphazard way. You may not know and this industry has flourished from a few to tens of thousands packers and movers operating without a single knowledge of this industry. Many of them operate only on phone. No physical address, no ground presence. Whenever they find a rich party, they flew away with all the goods. Then what, it will be like new company and new place. You may never know how poorly managed and regulated this industry is. It is still a subsidiary business of transporters with few brokers who trap new customers who are in need of relocation. The tax structure of this industry is still in ambiguity. And this a major challenge for the government because Packers and Movers do claim taxes at the rate of 14.5%. But they never file Tax returns. So this is one of the management flaws from government side.

Packers and Movers – Seasonal or Professionals

You will find flyers printing shops flooded with new orders of Packers and Movers in the peak time like March to June. Those who have little contacts in the market or want to make money part time enter this market. There are no barriers to entry. All work is done on phone. Customers also prefer the same.

In the peak time professionals try to aware their customers to be aware of frauds. Just dial and Sulekha are promoting these frauds. There are no background checks. You just need to pay some heft amount of money to get you registered on top of the listing. And the work is done.

How to secure your move apart from insurance?

Securing your move is a burden that falls entirely on you. Customers must retain their common sense while striking any deal in this sector. We always try to do it in lesser money. And that is where we fall prey of these fraud companies. Website, email, documentation, VAT are just a piece of cake to get from the market. So don’t rely on that only. Do some background check with their past works. Ask for reference of their past clients. Ask as many questions as you can to clear your doubts. Look for their professionalism. Even on the slightest hint, do a cross check. Your goods are precious to you. They are your lifetime collection. How can you compromise their safety and security for a few thousand bucks. These fake packers will always offer you a good deal. But be aware before taking that deal. Consult 5-6 Packers and Movers in the market before taking any deal.

Ram Packers or Shyam Packers, Packers listed on many verified sites online; Get a reality check!!

I have already stated each and everything about the reality check of this industry. Read it carefully before making any choice

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