The first floor of B-316 rents three friends, Aarav, Ali & Genelia. The house is owned by the Kapoor couple. And these 3 are living here since the last 2 years; which makes them the witnesses of many people coming & going, their packing and moving stuff happening in the street!

They are currently living in the prettier area of Saket, New Delhi. Their street especially, Street – 8L resides a diverse society. Notably, there are these Punjabi landlords of B-316 – Mr and Mrs Kapoor; a retired professor, Dr Yash Pratap of Uttar Pradesh and our trio itself of Delhi NCR, and all of them are PhD students right now. So…

This is one of those lovely evenings, the Sun is almost set, the kids still playing the park, people chatting in the streets with a cool soothing breeze waving their bodies in this month of March, which as it appears is the “so-called” season of packing and moving, shifting, relocation etc. And that’s just when Aarav is driving his car back home and sees a transportation truck in front of their house.

Paying little attention to it whatsoever, Aarav parks and steps to the stairways. He knocks, as he kind of always does, even after having his own keys for the apartment; he is lazy enough to knock instead of unlocking the door for himself. Gen (Genelia) opens.

Ali is a gamer, an obsessive one! He is playing games as usual when Aarav enters the drawing room.

Aarav: Hey!

Ali: Hey!

Ali responds, without even moving his eyes off the screen.

Aarav: Level?

Ali (says irritated): Stuck on the 16th, bro!

Suddenly a furniture thudding sound bangs in the street!

Gen: What was that?

Aarav: Oh yes… It must be them.

Ali: Who are them now?

Aarav: Arre, I just saw a transportation truck in the street. And, you know their service nowadays, must’ve been some amateur company.

Ali: Yeah, right!

Gen: So you’re saying someone’s moving in that house, B-321, is it?

Aarav: Yep!

Gen: Who is it, then?

Aarav: How am I supposed to know that?

Gen: Coz you said you saw ’em.

Aarav: I didn’t saw them, I just saw the truck there, being unloaded. I didn’t talk to the movers!

Gen: Why not? I think, we should go over there and have a chat; make them feel welcome.

Ali (pauses the game, nods): Agreed!

Aarav: Alright, c’mon then!

&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot To be continued – The Settled Relocation&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot

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