The Trio (Aarav, Ali & Genelia) exit their apartment to catch up with the new neighbour.

Ali (as soon as he sees the truck): Oh, these days, all the roads are filled with such packers and movers’ truck, no!

They cross the street now; Gen knocks although the door is already open and a couple of guys are running around the house carrying the stuff they are unloading from the truck. And that is when they see a young, well-built man monitoring them. That’s Sameer, a Naval Captain who just shifted from Mumbai to Delhi. He responds to their knock and comes to the door with a vibrant smile on his face.

Gen: Hi!

Sameer: Hey there.

Gen (shaking hands): I’m Genelia, this is Aarav and that’s Ali, we live across the street.

Sameer: Hi guys, I’m Sameer.

Aarav: We just thought to come around and say hi, and please let us know if you need anything.

Ali: Yeah, we know home shifting can really be tiresome.

Sam: Oh thanks, that’s really thoughtful of you! Although I have moved here on the 5th, you know, 2 days ago.

Aarav (exclaims): Really? Strange we didn’t notice.

Sam: Not really strange. These packers and movers are certainly not the best ones you could get! It’s just because of their silly service that I’m getting my stuff 2 days later than I arrived.

Gen: Oh, I see! By the way, I could have told this by the look of their truck only that there are many packers and movers in Delhi who provide much better or to be said, classy service than these.

Sam: Well, of course there would be better names in Delhi but can you say the same about Mumbai too, where I’m coming from? And keeping the budget in mind.

Gen: Yes, indeed! Well, I won’t say there are numerous such companies but one is definitely surpasses others in quality servicing as the movers and packers in Mumbai and…

Ali (interrupts exclaiming): Hold On! You came from Mumbai?

Sam (smiles): Yeah, that’s where I grew up too.

Ali: Nice, dude… I kinda love beaches and beach cities like Mumbai, even more!

Sam: All right! Btw, Genelia, which movers and packers company were you saying about?

Gen: Oh yeah, have you ever heard of STC Relo?

Aarav: Ah, I saw this coming!

Gen: So what? I have used their service and I’m not at all frustrated. Isn’t it something unique with most of the packing and moving companies?

Sam: Hey, what’s the deal here?

Ali: Not much, it’s just that Gen here happens to be into this company a lot and finds herself uncontrollable when it comes to bragging about it.

Sam: Alright.

Gen: Well, you’ll see the difference when you’ll use ‘em.

Aarav: Okay now, anyway realising that we’re disturbing you settling down, I think we should go now.

Sam: No, it’s not a big deal. You should stay.

Aarav: No it’s already 7:00. & we are headed to the grocery store already. But still, we should meet up for coffee sometime. Right, guys?

Ali and Gen, both nod. Sam agrees too, it’s not really an offer to be declined. Everyone accepts some new friends moving in to a new place.

Ali: Oh yes, of course.

Gen: That’d be fun.

Sam: Yeah, sure.

Aarav: What about tomorrow evening, then? 5 o’clock? There’s a Café just two streets away.

Sam: Sounds good. 5 is fine by me.

Aarav: Alright then, see you tomorrow.

Sam: Sure… It was nice meeting you guys. Thanks for coming by.

Ali (shakes hand): Same, bro!

Gen: Yep, see ya, Bye!

The Trio walks out yet the sounds of the workers still murmur around.

It is pretty late even before they reached the nearest grocery store; & of course they preferred walking, considering how good the weather was.

“He seems to be a nice guy”, said Ali.

Aarav: Hmm.

Gen: I guess he earns well.

Aarav: How could you say so?

Gen: Well, I noticed his stuff… it all looked premium to me.

Ali: Nice observational skills, I must say!

Gen (giggles): Thank you.

Aarav: Hey Ali, look… another packers and movers’ truck.

Ali: Oh yes, it’s like packers and movers this and packers and movers that, all around these days. Even Google searches are filled with terms like best packers and movers, packer movers, packers and movers in Delhi, packers and movers in Gurgaon and all such stuff.

Gen: Yeah, right? Even Mr Kapoor were speaking about how his cousin needed some good packer-mover to relocate from Delhi to Guwahati.

Aarav: Yes, and you suggested him STC Relo over Aggarwal or any other movers & packers as always!

Gen: Yep!

Ali: Okay guys, here we are.

They reached the store!

Aarav: Thank God, my shampoo is back in stock. I was having bad hair weeks now, let alone bad hair days.

Gen (jokes): Yep, looks like it.

Aarav (mocks laugh): Ha-Ha!

Gen: Where’s Ali?

Aarav: I don’t know, must be strolling around the ladies section.

Gen: I highly doubt that.

Aarav: Why?

Gen (points towards Ali): Since when does the Garam Masala section known as the ladies section?

Aarav (grins): What? Why is he picking up on Garam Masala instead of women?

Gen (calls out Ali): Oye!

Ali, with a Garam Masala packet in his hand, gestures as coming in 1 minute.

Ali: Yeah, what?

Gen: Well, you tell me!

Ali (confused): What are you talking about?

Aarav: You’re buying Garam Masala? I mean, seriously, since when did you start to buy anything for home needs?

Ali: Ah, I was just trying to be helpful, I suppose.

Gen: Bullshit!

Ali: What?

Aarav: C’mon tell us, what’s your deal? Were you checking out the Garam Masala, if not anything else, for real?

Ali: Well, ok… I wasn’t trying to be helpful, first of all. And, I wasn’t checking out Garam Masala at all, it’s just that there was a pretty girl there, in that section, I was checking her out!

Aarav: See, Told ya! It’s gotta be a “ladies’ section” if
Ali’s there.

Gen: Yaar Ali, Accepted that you’re kinda hot, but that’s creepy.

Ali: No, it’s not!

Aarav: Yes, it is, in some ways.

Ali: I’d prefer the other ways. And, excuse me now, if you will, she’s back there. See you, guys!

Gen: Perv!

Ali winks and moves on.

After an hour of shopping, they decided to have dinner in some restaurant instead of home. Now it is time for another quarrel as their preferences about the restaurants don’t seem to match! And they’re now trying to just make a little dinner plan outside the grocery store.

Ali: C’mon now, we’ve tried the Bruise Restaurant and we all know how bad it worked out.

Gen: Alright, what other options do you have, then?

Ali: I already told you, we should go to Ric…

Gen (interrupts): And for God’s sake, don’t say Rico’s!

Aarav: Even I like Rico’s.

Gen: Dude, who doesn’t? But, everybody likes it for the goddamn snacks, not dinner!

Ali: You know nothing!

Gen: Me? Oh, now is it me who doesn’t know anything?

Aarav: Hey hey hey, both of you, calm down now! Why don’t we just go home and cook something?

Gen: “Why don’t we just go home and cook someth…” are you even listening to yourself now?? It’s 9:30 already and I’m starving, so that is not even an option anymore.

Ali: What about Domino’s?

Gen sighs.

Aarav: Uh-oh!

Gen: Look, Ali, I don’t think you want to spend more than thousand bucks to serve just the three of us!

Aarav: Oh wait! What about we go on a little road trip towards the NH8 and fetch some dhaba on the way, it wouldn’t take us any more than 20 minutes to reach there!

Ali: Aarav, you’re forgetting something, bro!

Aarav: What’s that?

Ali: We haven’t brought the car here, which means additional 10 minutes of walking back home, which would end up pretty long.

Aarav: Aarrgh! Okay, final call… just on the main road, there’s Subway! Who’s up for it?

Ali: Oh, I’m always up for Subway!

Aarav: Gen?

Gen: Well, it’s still not proper dinner but can’t deny Subway!

Aarav: (Phew) Finally!

And, ultimately, it was Subway where they headed, then!

&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middotThe End&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot&middot

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